Join the Phoenix Revolution

We stand for freedom!

That’s all there is to the Phoenix Revolution.  We believe that every individual is free to do as they please as long as it does not harm any other individual. 

We know that we will be politicized.  We understand how the media works and how politics works.  They will deem us different which inevitably makes us enemies.

We are not your enemy!  We are not the public’s enemy.  We want you to genuinely have your personal freedom and civil liberties.  We want every government to stay out of every other governments business.

So now you know what we stand for, but how do we think this can be accomplished?

The answer is simple. Implementation, however, is much more difficult.  The answer is a free market economy and a government with the singular purpose of national defense.

If you fight with us, the Phoenix Revolution, then join, follow, subscribe, etc.

This is an anonymous revolution.  It is the only chance that the public has at destroying the corrupt governments of the world.  No one can say “you are in,” except you. 

I am a phoenix!  I will rise! I will fight!

Join the Phoenix Revolution and from the ashes we shall rise!